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Jenn Chin | February 1, 2022

Ben & Jerry's


From the rugby field to codifying world class global brand experiences across Australia, UK and Asia, Sean Farrell has always being about the people and his teams. Now as Head of Retail ANZ for Ben & Jerry's, he talks about how a commitment to prioritising always doing the right thing for your communities will always inspire you to achieve extraordinary outcomes for everyone and rewards money can't buy.

November 2020

1.36 Career History & Achievements

2.03 Choosing A Career Where You Can Have The Biggest Impact For Others

4.16 Retail As The Coal Face

6.46 A Values Led, Open Mind To Life Experiences

9.50 Joining Ben & Jerry’s as National Retail Manager ANZ

11.32 Ben & Jerry’s ‘GLOCAL’ Community Approach to Growth In ANZ

14.52 A Social Mission Brand, That Happens To Make The Best Ice Cream In The World

15.30 The Brand Is Not The Most Important Thing Using Power Of The Brand To Help The Right People Make The Right Change Earning The Right To Speak Up

16.30 GLOCAL | The Best Of Both Worlds

17.00 Creating Authentic, Local Resonance For A Global Brand

18.39 2020 COVID Priorities | Franchisees & Mutual Support For Partners & Suppliers

21.22 Community Focussed Action Driven By Integrity, Not Applause

22.35 The Gold Star Standard | Force For Good & Force For Growth + Interdependence

23.33 The Impact of Black Lives Matter With Gen Z For Ben & Jerry’s Brand

25.29 Measuring Campaign Success On Systemic Change, Not Sales or Brand Awareness Social Mission At The Core Of Business Operating Principles

27.46 A Focus On Impact For Others & Doing The Right Thing First, The Results Will Follow

29.12 How Standing For Something As A Way Of Being Magnetizes People To You Easily A Foundation Of Integrity Takes Years To Build

30.27 Businesses Has A Responsibility To Give Back & Can Be A Force For Good & Growth

31.15 Committed To Lead By Example & The Slow Dollar For Social & Environmental Justice

33.28 Retaining Social Activism DNA Within A Multinational Corporate Agenda

38.01 How Ben & Jerry’s Values Are Reapplied in ANZ

39.51 Values Led Sourcing & Hiring To Support Local ANZ Partners

43.55 Brand Purpose Is An Internal Company Remit, Not An Agency’s

44.18 The Pure Foundation Partnership

46.35 Ben & Jerry’s x Pure Foundation ‘Stores For Change’ Initiative

49.30 Progress Is More Important Than Perfection To Effect Change

52.00 Why The Top 5% Earners Are Responsible For Looking After The Other 95%

53.01 Why Doing The Right Thing Is Always Worth It