Our Philosophy

Purpose isn't a trend. It's a strategic, pragmatic growth move that inextricably links to people, planet and profit.

Purpose benefits all dimensions of business, society and the planet when it's used as a growth strategy, lens and operating model to create mutual value to drive sustainable and scalable business growth.

It helps you uncover higher quality insights, cultivate more meaningful relationships and impactful outcomes. Plus, it enables you to adapt with agility, build trust authentically, guide innovation and makes your business more valuable to society to future proof it.

And because the world keeps changing; purpose is not a destination, but a journey that can be built on over time.

We believe in embodying the change we wish to see in the world and helping others do the same with practical, empathetic and impactful solutions without moral high grounds, unrealistic recommendations or judgement.

Our Approach

Our award-winning expertise coupled with our breadth and depth of experience solves common problems with uncommon solutions by seamlessly merging diverse agendas for mutual growth. By simplifying the complex, we fast track your outcomes with practical purpose-led plans and solutions tailored to suit your context, capacity and budget to save you time, money and stress. No judgement. No drama. No overwhelm.

Our Purpose In Action

We walk the talk, making an impact in the regions that we call home. From supporting employment pathways for marginalised groups and First Nations communities in Australia; to facilitating digital training for surf instructors and children in Indonesia and investing in regenerative, social and environmental systems across APAC.

“Purpose Is A Journey, Not A Destination”

Our Purpose Expert Partners

Our purpose-led solutions are backed by our partnership with world leading purpose experts; Mutual Value Labs. Their purpose model, Economics Of Mutuality is a proven management framework that embeds purpose-driven strategies for growth into daily operations. It has underpinned the iconic brands of Mars Incorporated globally for decades and is now being used to scale sustainable growth for businesses around the world from multinational networks, start-ups and impact groups.

Our Social & Environmental Impact Partners

We collaborate with over 37 award-winning NGO's, B-Corps, social entrepreneurs and dozens of communities across ANZ and APAC in a range of areas such as; children's education, regenerative practices, agri-tech, women's empowerment, job creation, indigenous programs, pay equity, sanitation and much more to implement and scale impact outcomes where it's needed most.

Our Core Team

We've always lived in the spaces in-between. So we inherently see what's below the watermark and understand the complexity and multidimensional nature of the world. Which is why we have a unique approach to things that solve common problems, with uncommon solutions that benefit everyone.

Jenn Chin

Global Director, Founder

Jenn has over 20 years’ experience of a unique breadth and depth of experience across a range of industries like advertising, creativity, marketing, trends forecasting, management consulting, leadership training, coaching and social and environmental impact.

A former BBDO Global Board Director, Global Doublemint Brand Director, Global Omnicom Integration Lead and BBDO Australasian Regional Director for Mars Incorporated across 16 markets. She knows what it’s like to be on the front line of leadership and profoundly understands the challenges and needs of leaders, their business and their teams. As well as the levers and pathways to navigate them to success in dynamic conditions that are globally cogent whilst being locally resonant.

She has a history of spearheading first of a kind projects that make a tonne of money, people famous, win a lot of awards and raise the bar for the industry. Some examples are Snickers Hungerithm, a world first real-time digital innovation that converted online behaviour to offline sales that won just about every international creative and effectiveness award. The controversial ‘How To Drink Properly’ that stopped 18-24yr olds binge drinking which won DrinkWise Australia BRW’s Most Innovative Company of the Year. And the world’s first ‘Pash Rash’ cream that helped Movember raise funds whilst reframing the perception of masculinity.

Since leaving BBDO, she has continued to be a trusted advisor and partner in various capacities to founders and leaders at multinational, regional and national organisations around the world. From iconic Fortune 100 companies, innovative start-ups, network and independent creative agencies and over 32 social and environmental impact groups and entrepreneurs across APAC.

Her uncommon trait is being able to detect invisible subtleties, simplify the complex and make profound connections that result in innovative and inclusive outcomes whilst using random analogies and movie references to explain complicated concepts. She's also a big fan of dugongs and panda memes.

Romayne Perera

General Manager

Romayne is a unicorn. She has 360-degree integrated experience having worked in senior roles across institutional organisations (Australia Post) and award-winning global network creative agencies (DDB) and independent creative agencies (Sunday Gravy).

Romayne is renowned for being trusted to spearhead and deliver critical brand and business results by global, regional and national executive leaders and their teams for their most important corporate initiatives, with efficiency, humanity and creative impact.

From global brand launches for IG, regional campaign launches for Nando’s and Bupa, unique activations for Up (May Buy, recognised in Smart Company’s marketing campaigns that got the world’s attention in 2022) and 7-Eleven (Fair Ground, nominated as a finalist in the 7-Eleven Customer Experience Excellence Awards) and mammoth CRM and B2B rollouts for Officeworks and AAMI.

Romayne is the personification of grace under pressure. With an innate ability to simplify the complex and navigate pathways through dynamic circumstances in a calm and caring manner, whilst making sure her clients and teams feel safe, aligned and reassured is why is she is loved and respected by everyone she works with.

She’s passionate about social journalism, values driven leadership and developing individuals and teams to reach their full potential.

Her most uncommon trait is a (healthy) obsession with accountability. Romayne firmly believes in owning and learning from your shortfalls, misses and mistakes, because it all drives the evolution of character. Also quite uncommonly, she unwittingly pronounces some words with an Italian lilt.

Blaze Edwards

Content & Cultural Insights Director

Meet Blaze Edwards, our Content Director and self-proclaimed “personality hire”, which is code for knowing how to get things done in the most incredibly affable way.

Blaze started their career in PR, working on the likes of Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, and Deliveroo. They quickly realised that, while they loved their clients, PR wasn’t nearly as glamorous as the British TV show Absolutely Fabulous led them to believe.

Enter trends forecasting at GalKal (now FiftyFive5), where their highlight was creating future-forward insights for corporate giants like Netflix, KFC, and Westpac. Now we're talking...

But the real magic happened at Who Gives A Crap, where in their role as Social Media Manager, Blaze transformed a brand into a community, increasing the brand’s audience by a whopping 200%. Viral campaigns? Tick – ever heard of 'Flush Your Ex'? Do yourself a favour and look it up if you haven’t.

In short, Blaze is delightfully adept at everything they turn their mind to. They love helping brands stay culturally relevant and flexing their creative muscles in social media, content strategy, trend spotting, and insights creation.

They are a unique voice, committed to bettering diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in a way brands and consumers alike can understand and act on.

Blaze’s uncommon trait is that after hours you’ll find them gracing stages around the country and headlining major Mardi Gras celebrations as a drag queen extraordinaire.

Caroline Wang

Cultural Strategist

Caroline is living polywork – a qualitative social researcher, cultural strategist, and a freelance writer.

Caroline has six years of consulting, market research, and advertising experience in commercial and government sectors. She’s an ex-agency person who delivered mammoth digital and social campaigns for Nike, Movember and Coles…before finding her true calling in insights.

Compassionate, curious, and outcomes-driven, Caroline doesn’t believe in ‘writing reports’ or ‘presenting research’. She answers key client questions, solves problems, and gives clear, actionable recommendations. Caroline never leaves clients asking, “So what?”

In her commercial research, Caroline brings people to life, their hopes, fears, dreams, and basic needs. Because by understanding what makes people tick means Caroline has helped global brands expand their portfolio, find white space (in the most saturated categories), develop brand positioning for truly innovative products (milk without the cow anyone?) and create evergreen brand platforms (saved a period brand from risk of deletion).

After travelling the world in 2023, Caroline only takes on social research – research that does good, changes lives and in line with her values. Caroline has specific expertise in gender, diaspora and diversity, equity, and inclusion research.

Caroline’s writing has been published in SBS, ABC, WARC, Colournary, NextShark and peer-reviewed journals. She writes biting social commentary on culture and society and went viral in 2018 for a personal narrative on Asian Australian womanhood.

Caroline’s most uncommon trait is being a top-rated coffee and wine bar Google reviewer in Melbourne.

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Sussanah Keller

Global Mars Inc Leader & Executive Vice President, Bbdo Worldwide, Bbdo New York

“Jenn has an innate flair for developing teams that thrive under her leadership. She drove innovation for the Network, clients and won every major creative and effectiveness award, including 21 Cannes Lions and a Titanium Shortlist.”

“I worked with Jenn for over 6yrs, in Australia and her Australasian leadership role – a role that was specifically created for her to harness her creative strength and leadership to drive growth within a complex regional portfolio. She was my go-to in just about any situation in either role.

She has consistently proven her innate flair for developing teams around her that thrive under her leadership. After delivering fantastic creativity with SNICKERS ‘Aussie Builders’ which won several international creative awards (Mars Australia’s first win in 7yrs), her creative strength then led to Mars Inc Global’s most award-winning piece of work of all time , SNICKERS ‘Hungerithm’.

It drove innovation for the Network, the clients and won nearly every major creative and effectiveness award, including 21 Lions and a Titanium Shortlist in Cannes 2017.

Without Jenn’s leadership and creative care, the idea would not have been what it became to be.

Jenn is a rare gem that not only does a phenomenal job at work, but she is also someone you want to be around for a laugh or a chat. I can’t recommend Jenn highly enough.”

Andy Wilson

Senior Partner, Ogilvy Sustainability Asia (former Regional Head of Strategy, BBDO Proximity Asia)

“Jenn is one of the best at the essence of leadership; giving others support, guidance and the space to excel. She’s two steps ahead and builds people and raises the game through her own personal example”

“It is difficult describing Jenn without slipping into superlatives. The first thing you will discover with Jenn is how she hates the limelight, and insists on throwing the light and praise onto others – her colleagues, her clients, and most importantly the Creative Work itself.

If the essence of leadership in this business is about giving others the support and guidance and the space to excel, then Jenn is one of the best; because it is never about her, it is always about the outcome. This takes tenacity, EQ, empathy, relationship building, thick skin, loyalty, resilience and sheer bloody-minded passion, all of which she has in buckets. Plus a devilish sense of humour.

Don’t be deceived by Jenn’s jovial and amiable demeanour, she’s one the most buttoned-down leaders I’ve come across. She’s two steps ahead of everyone, with an attention to detail that would put at ease even the most anxious of micro-managers. She demands the highest standards of quality from herself and those around her. Life is too short for mediocre.

She builds people and raises the game through her own personal example. With Jenn you will get hard graft, grit and flair, and you will get solutions to the most curly of challenges.

If I got a call from Jenn to join her in a venture, I would be there in a flash. They really don’t make them like Jenn any more. “

Alex Sciacca

Global Associate Director of Growth Legacy, Mars Incorporated

"Developing award winning work is something Jenn and her teams are known for and has helped our business achieve extraordinary results whilst having a blast along the way and achieving meaningful impact that you will be proud of.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jenn for 10 years in both local and global marketing roles. Jenn brings humility and her full authentic self to any position of leadership, which is why people at all levels of the organisation gravitate towards her.

I have worked with Jenn on some challenging business issues that required her expertise to drive transformational change and help an organisation face reality. One of those projects involved the turnaround of a portfolio in 7 years of decline. Jenn’s resilience, comradery, creativity and ability to navigate truly complex problems, are some of the qualities that helped us return an iconic brand from -6% value decline to growth in 5 years.

Developing award winning work is something Jenn and her teams are known for, whilst this recognition is a measure of the impact she has, it’s the growth of those around her that I appreciate the most. Jenn has helped our business achieve extraordinary results which often requires the development of a champions mindset.

Jenn helps to establish this by realising and accelerating the potential in others quickly. Working with Jenn is a privilege, it’s not uncommon to finish a project learning more about yourself, having a blast along the way and achieving meaningful impact that you will be proud of.”