How To Progress With Purpose

Purpose-led growth doesn't require you to be perfect, become an activist or to do a complete business overhaul.

We'll meet you wherever you're at, even if it's not knowing where to start. All you need to bring is an open mind, willingness to learn and experiment.

Whether you want to just dip your toe in, focus on one area, recalibrate a department or transform the whole business; we'll tailor a plan that connects you with the right amount of knowledge, tools, people and strategies so you can confidently take the next step that suits your context, capacity and budget.

We'll empower you with the knowledge, tools and frameworks to design, deploy and lead practical, purpose-led solutions and partnerships that fuel growth and innovation and feel confident and good about it too.

Our Services

Purpose is the new source code for business success.

But it can be confusing to know where to start, or what the right thing to do is. It's also highly contextual, so our range of services can meet you wherever you are today and take you where you want to be tomorrow.

We help you design and deploy practical, purpose-led solutions as a fuel for growth to benefit any aspect of your company. From business strategy, innovation, marketing, sales, brand, communications, employee engagement through to supply chains and more.

Whether you:

  • are just starting out
  • want to level up to scale growth
  • need fast-tracked, precise solutions and strategies
  • want real time sense checks
  • want to contribute to or credibly partner with impact initiatives aligned to your values and objectives
  • want to join a community of like-minded people to share learnings and for moral support

We can help you work out what the best next steps is for you.

Education & Learning Experiences

Insight & Intelligence Reports

Consulting & Advisory

Impact Contribution & Partnership Programs

Community Support

Who We Work With

We work with values driven and integrity based global, regional & national business leaders across all departments and levels. From:

  • CEO's, executive teams and founders
  • Heads of Department in Strategy, Insights, Innovation, Account Management, Creative, Marketing, R&D, Sales, Human Resources, People & Culture, DEI, CSR, ESG, Purpose.
  • Cross functional leadership and project teams of all levels
  • ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) and steering committees
  • Rising stars or intrapreneurs

We also work with:

  • foundation or philanthropic organisations
  • social enterprises, NGO, impact groups or entrepreneurs

Global Reach, Local Resonance

Our flexible and adaptable approach is facilitated by our global network of specialists covering strategy, creative, production, trends, cultural advisors alongside our purpose experts and impact leaders, across all timezones and regions that ensures that our solutions are not just technically robust, but are ratified by real world, on the ground insights.

Coming Soon

Open July 2024 | Uluwatu, Bali.

Our one of a kind, custom built villa in Uluwatu, Bali is in the final stages of construction.

Once complete in August 2024, it will be a world first venue designed especially for collaboration between businesses and impact groups as well as destination for corporate training, workshops, leadership retreats, immersive education experiences, team workactions, holistic living and transformation journeys; seamlessly blending work and play, doing and just being.

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Jack White

Co-Founder, Sunday Gravy & Cuttable (formerly Gen C)

“Jenn’s objective and outcome focussed approach solidified our offering, steered the strategy on some of our biggest client campaigns and ultimately, played a large role in helping us achieve our biggest year to date.”

“Over the last 5 years, Jenn has been a key business consultant, strategic partner (and friend) to me and the team. Jenn’s initial role was to help us redefine the position and direction of our business and help us evolve our business model. We already had a plan in place, but we worked with Jenn to help solidify our offering.

Jenn helped us analyse the current state of play, understand key players in the market and strategically worked with us to establish our role and point of differentiation in the market and what gaps we needed to plug in order to get us to where we needed to.

She identified staffing gaps (even helping us to find and hire the right people to help us grow), steered the strategy on some of our biggest client campaigns and, ultimately, played a large role in helping us achieve our biggest year to date.

We transitioned into a monthly advisory retainer where we worked together on growth strategies and sense checked everything to keep the business on course. She also supported our senior management team to help with the ongoing growth and leadership of our team.

Apart from being one of the smartest people we know, Jenn is fun, honest, down to earth and acts with complete integrity. Our shared values make the relationship so harmonious and allow us to continue to work and grow together. We are so grateful Jenn started her own business as it allowed us to work with and continue to learn from one of the most talented business operators in the industry.

For anyone looking to understand how their business is running, elevate their business knowledge, or to get an objective and honest point of view on the future of their business or marketing plans, chat to Jenn. She is outcome focussed and has your best interests at heart. I would recommend her to anyone. It’s the best investment we’ve made. Chinny is the f*cking best!

Nicole McMillan

CUB, General Manager of Marketing (former Vice President Marketing AMEA, Mars Wrigley Incorporated APAC

“Jenn is one of the few who understands how to operate at the highest level of partnership with clients. She’s masterful at simplifying the complex, provides innovate frameworks and empowers teams to achieve outstanding results”

“Jenn is one of the few who truly understands how to operate at the highest level of partnership with clients, with outstanding business acumen and perspective well beyond her expertise in communication and creative excellence.

For the 10 years I worked with Jenn in her leadership roles in both APAC and Australia, she was masterful at simplifying the complex, providing innovative frameworks and empowering teams to achieve outstanding results, both personally and professionally.

She is a leader that others eagerly followed with an empathetic, strong, compassionate and authentic leadership style. She was not just respected, but revered from juniors to executive team members. Her agility at working across markets and diverse local, regional and global stakeholders led us to Doublemint’s most successful global campaign in 20yrs for critical growth markets including China and India.

She is always one step ahead in supporting the business, my team and me. Her courageousness in driving innovation revamped our processes and teams which elevated the creative and operational standards of our brands and business’ across APAC. She is someone I would take into the trenches anytime.”

Peter Biggs

CEO, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (former CEO, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne 2006 – 2014)

“Jenn cares deeply. About her clients.  About the work.  About her team and her colleagues.  And about the difference she is making in the world.”

“Chinny is a force of nature.

It was my good fortune to hire her when I was leading Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne, despite losing her CV in the street after our very refreshing and enlightening interview (I still think that Chinny hired me – rather than vice versa!).

While I was at the agency, it transformed into one of the most creative agencies in the world and the most successful agency within the Clemenger Group across Australia and New Zealand.

Chinny was one of the key reasons why.

She is ferociously intelligent.

She cares deeply. About her clients. About the work. About her team and her colleagues. And about the difference she is making in the world.

She took Mars from being one of the Agency’s neglected clients to being an account everyone in the Agency wanted to work on and to being our most creatively-driven piece of business.

Almost single-handedly, she won the DrinkWise Australia account and, with her energy, focus and commitment, inspired the client to take bold risks – which resulted in them approving and running one of the most talked-about – and most successful – behaviour change campaigns in Australia and the world.

I adored working with Chinny and I watched with interest as she took Asia-Pacific by storm as the Head of the Mars business in the region for BBDO Worldwide.

I would jump at the chance to work with her again."