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Jenn Chin | December 1, 2021

BBDO Guerrero Philippines


David Guerrero, Founder, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of advertising agency BBDO Guerrero, helped put the Philippines on the map in more ways than one. He has a global reputation for an incredible spectrum of work that is consistently awarded internationally for its effectiveness, creativity and community impact.

As the creator of the Pantene ‘Don’t Let Labels Hold You Back’ campaign in 2012, his work inspired the inception for the coverted Cannes Glass Lions For Change and helped spearhead the first global conversations about gender inequality.

His campaigns have also helped over 15M people in remote communities install self-sufficient electricity solutions, contributed to the economic growth of the Philippines by growing the Filipino tourism industry and has entertained millions of people around the world, to name a few.

He’s also an incredible, warm and humble human being. In our interview, he talks about:

• leaning into your whole self & identity to work out where you give more to serve others • how an empathetic creative approach enables you to amplify culture • how to build globally consistent brands with local resonance and leave a positive legacy • the importance of nurturing creativity with the right people, partners & environments to maximise creative investments.

26 April 2021


Visa | ‘Dining Out’ campaign

Pantene |‘Don’t Let Labels Hold You Back’

Pepsi | ‘Litre of Light’

Department of Tourism| ‘It’s More Fun In The Philippines’

Unselfie Campaign Typhoon Yolanda

Spam | ‘Recipoke’


00.23 Career Overview | Creative Contribution To Social Movements, Culture, Brand Growth & The Economy Putting The Philippines On the Map for Advertising

1.53 Broad Spectrum Campaign Highlights & Awards Global Success Visa, Pantene, Pepsi, Department of Tourism Philippines, Spam

4.52 An Advertising Career – From London, Hong Kong to Philippines

8.52 Behind The Scenes & Learnings– First Big Break for BBDO Guerrero | Visa – Dining Out

12.39 Behind The Scenes & Learnings– Pantene ‘Don’t Let Labels Hold You Back’, Global Acclaim and inspiration for the Cannes Glass Lions For Change

17.58 Behind The Scenes & Learnings - Department of Tourism Philippines – Being A Conduit of Unexpressed Desire From People On Social Issues

22.05 The Various Dimensions Of The Best Client Partnerships

23.22 Pursuing ‘The Other Half’ Of Yourself & Identifying Where You Have More Opportunities To Give

26.58 The Unsung Benefits Of Advertising

28.08 The Growing Global Prominence in Filipino Representation In Creative Fields

34.14 Cultural Signposts That Inform Creativity To Help Work Travel & Express Things In New Ways

36.33 Why Agencies Still The Best Place To Nurture Creative Talent & Get Exponential Returns

44.06 Advice for Junior Creatives Finding Their Voice

46.51 Creative By Nature | Beatles Come To Manila

51.26 Self Care As Advertising Becomes More Complex