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Jenn Chin | October 5, 2023

WARC Creating A Cultural Advantage

WARC Guide To Creating Cultural Advantage

Marketers are facing changing dynamics and perspectives as global culture shifts and coalesces, and consumers become more discerning and outspoken. The WARC Guide to cultural advantage, examines the opportunities and challenges, and how brands can respond to them.

Why Cultural Advantage Is Good For Business

Uncommon Kind's contribution:

Moving beyond ‘just enough’: How to sense check your cultural strategy

Brands that are insensitive to cultural nuances are increasingly being called out – from the misuse of humour and slang, to accusations of cultural appropriation and tokenisation.

This is why brands need to move beyond “just enough” in their cultural strategy, argues Uncommon Kind’s Jenn Chin. “Understanding the benefits is not about pandering to heightened levels of political correctness but reframing the opportunity to find the secret doors that unlock hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.”