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Jenn Chin | February 5, 2022

Ecoganic Bananas


Over 20yrs ago, Frank and Dianne Sciacca, North Queensland Australian Banana growers, recognised how conventional farming was destroying our delicate ecosystems. And despite widespread industry criticism, they forged ahead using their own land to pioneer the world’s first regenerative, pesticide free farming model, Ecoganics™ for their signature wax-tip Eco Banana’s.

Heralded ‘ahead of its time by globally’ by industry experts, awarded the Prince of Wales Environmental Leadership Great Barrier Reef award and studied by local and international students as ‘best practice’ for sustainable end to end business practice; Ecoganics™ is the future of farming and the only way to protect our planet for future generations.


Eco Bananas


Landline Feature | Eco Bananas & Ecoganics


March 2021

00.00 Background history & achievements to date

2.42 How farming is a calling and ‘in the blood’

4.12 Renewed reverence for the undervalued skills, resilience and craft of farming due to accelerating environmental degradation and a ‘swing back to nature’

6.36 The intangible connection between the soul of a farmer and the soul of the land is what drives the persistence to look after it

7.32 Ecoganic™’s Key Philosophies & How To Bring In Science To Fix The Problems We Created

8.21 The fundamental difference between Ecoganic™ and Organic

10.01 Lack of understanding about the science between conventional farming & regenerative farming which perpetuates that organic is an acceptable solution

10.57 Why there’s no short cuts to decreasing our reliance and why patience & respecting nature is the only way to repair the damage we’ve done to the land.

14.10 Why removing chemicals & respecting the ecosystem will allow nature to manage pests by itself

16.46 Why the mass industrialisation factory mentality of high stress farming is killing the land and affecting our health The importance of respecting the interdependencies and interconnectedness of ecosystems vs trying to control for true diversity & perfect balance

21.06 Why Ecoganic Farms are resistant to the global epidemic, Panama disease

22.20 Why the market system needs to change to reward looking after the environment over profit and productivity to help farmers make the shift

24.33 The decision to shift to Regenerative Farming to ‘repair and share the land with every living organism to turn back the clock 60yrs’ in the 1980s

27.43 How the signature red wax-tip Eco Bananas came about

29.21 Why being motivated by people and planet over profit allowed them to persist with Ecoganics for decades despite slow initial sales, huge criticism and industry backlash

30.28 The unique philosophy & characteristics of the Ecoganic Farming Systems that makes it ahead of its time globally

36.23 The Ecoganic journey for farmers

38.55 How Ecoganic’s can be applied to any industry to restore the diversity and natural integrity of ecosystems 41.28 Why ‘Organic’ is actually a selfish choice

44.02 Multi-faceted Benefits of Ecoganics for Farmers, Retailers & Consumers beyond sustainability

45.58 The importance of monitoring systems & having science to back and restore nature

47.43 The vital role of education to drive generational change vs waiting for governments The need for funding to scale impact via onsite Ecoganic training & Mobile labs for local and international students & building an Agritourism centre for Eco-tourists and industry collaboration & innovation

52.57 How consumer voices can help Ecoganics scale the benefits for all of us today

59.09 Growing demand for Ecoganics in overseas markets who recognize it as the only one of its kind in the world driven by consumer demand for value over price

60.01 The variety of opportunities to collaborate with Ecoganics via special project partnerships, supporting Agritourism Centre, petitioning retailers to stock