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Jenn Chin | June 13, 2021

Democracy In Colour


Systemic racism is never easy to talk about. But it’s infinitely harder to be subjected to it.

Particularly the insidiously casual and exclusionary manner in which it manifests in Australia. Being too uncomfortable to confront it, is not an excuse, it’s a privilege. And staying silent about it after everything that has happened, is to be willingly complicit in upholding structures of oppression.

Australia is at a tipping point about the type of country it wants to be. And whilst some wait to pick which side of history they’ll be remembered on, there are others that are clear on the role they want to play.

For over a decade, Nèha Madhok has been on the front lines campaigning for social change, from the Union movement to marriage equality. Now, as the National Co-Director at Democracy In Colour, a national racial & economic justice organisation led by BIPOC, she’s fighting for racial and economic equity and providing pathways for the vast majority of people who want to be part of the solution but don’t know how. And by doing so, helping us work towards an Australia where everyone can feel proud to call home.

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Anti-Racism Workplace Trainings


February 2021

00.15 Career Overview

2.00 Lived Experiences That Led To Pursuing A Career In Social Change The Immigrant Experience Growing Up In Australia since the 1980s

6.41 The Impact of Pauline Hansen On Psychological Safety, Belonging & Where Home Is

8.51 Starting At Democracy In Colour

9.58 ‘Third Culture’ Kids Experience Growing Up In Australia Impact Of Racism On Migrant Children & Migrant Parents

12.04 Statistical Evidence Of How Racism Still Affects People Of Colour In Australia Today Why The Work Democracy In Colour (DIC) Does Is So Critical Right Now

14.05 ‘The Ongoing Colonial Project’ & Migrant Settler Racism Dismantling Structural Racism & Where & How We Need To Show Up

16.05 Reason For The Lack Of Momentum on Racial Equity Issues in Australia vs US & NZ Ongoing Impact of White Australia Policy & Evolution Of Multiculturalism in Australia

21.10 First Steps To Making Progress On Racial Equity Settler Migrants Role In Systemic Racism & How To Dismantle It The Prevalence Of Casual Racism In Australia

22.57 How ‘Movement Building’ Work & A Grassroots Approach Leads To Systemic Change How White Supremacy & Capitalism Go Hand In Hand Why POC Communities Also Need To Be More Active In Dismantling Systemic Racism

31.14 DIC’s Range Of Campaign Initiatives & Results/Impact To Date 2021 Focus Areas – Migration With Dignity, Criminal Justice & Hate Speech In Media The Role of Murdoch Media In Exacerbating Racial Tension

36.58 DIC Campaign Impact & Timing In The National Consciousness Leads To Change e.g. Pauline Hansen & Sam Newman Channel 9 Contracts

39.32 Importance of Amplifying BIPOC Voices & Unheard Stories The Impact & Role of Storytelling In Catalysing Change Through Empathy

41.55 Why D&I Awareness/Anti-Racism Trainings Can Actually Be Harmful & How To Make Them More Impactful The Progression of Anti-Racism Work

46.59 Various Ways To Show Allyship

49.07 How DIC Assess Campaigns Priorities To Do ‘Narrative Shifting Work’

52.01 How To Work With DIC & Be Part Of The Solution & Support Their Work