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Eco-Soap Bank

Eco-Soap Bank

Working to save, sanitize and supply leftover soap from manufacturers, creating jobs and preventing disease in developing countries and refugee camps.

Samir Lakhini is an innovative entrepreneur tackling health, waste and gender issues by employing women to upcycle and distribute leftover soaps to improve health in Asia and Africa

During a mission trip to rural Cambodia in 2014, Samir witnessed something that sent him home distraught. A mother bathing her newborn baby using detergent, because regular soap was a luxurious commodity for her family and many other who are underprivileged.

Upon his return from the trip, Samir established EcoSoap Bank with three key missions: protect the environment, positively impact local economies, and improve hygiene.

A staggering 250 million pieces of unused soap are wasted around the world, annually. EcoSoap Bank works to prevent the soap from entering landfills, employ women from disadvantaged backgrounds in developing countries to sanitize and reprocess them into new soap, and works with international NGOs to distribute them to those in need.

He is also a CNN Hero and Earthshot finalist.