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Global Brand Stories That Drove Cultural & Commercial Impact

Wrigley Doublemint Global

Watch India's case study

Watch China's case study

As a global brand with an established platform and successful execution in the US. The challenge for Doublemint was to drive economies of scale by leveraging an existing sentiment to relaunch into China and launch into India, two very different and critical growth markets.

By meaningfully decoding the cultural context of each market, Doublemint found a unique way to tell a familiar story to become a cultural phenomenon in two markets.



Most effective advertising in history of brand achieving 3 star rating

645M view of the brand films

158M social shares of the brand & activation films

Reversed decline from -6.7% to +0.6% during the campaign period


25M view in 3 months

Acquired 10% in market share within 3 months

Achieved 40% increased distribution